Sunday, May 2, 2010

ELF Bubblegum Pink & Haul

Hello! Liz is going to be 11 months tomorrow, yay! Just one more month so we can get her a cake and throw her a little party. :D

Today I will be showing you ELF- Bubblegum Pink (this is my own bottle, I have a brand new one for my giveaway) It's a light hot pink creme (does that makes sense?) I used 2 coats.

^ In the shade

^ In the sun

^ Every time I do my eyeshadow it looks the same, but it's really not o_O
My mom wanted to order some lotions from TD so I asked her if she can get me some stuff and she did.

L-R: Sun Worshiper, High Society, Amaranth

At Claire's I found a nail polish on sale- Rocker Chic.
It looks like baby poop green but I think it's pretty cool :P

My mom and I got some cute earrings :D
Pandas rock! The little hoops are my mom's
And finally, last night Bunny took me to the far open 24 hours Walgreens and I found Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure so he bought it for me, then we went to the car and the battery died, so we had to ask a random person to jump start our battery. I felt guilty for making him drive so far and so late :(
I'm going on a no-buy for a month, which also means my mom and Bunny can't buy me anything.
Unless my mom or Bunny want to buy me something for Mother's Day if not oh well.
Til next time everyone :]


Caitlin said...

I love that color on you, and Liz is adorable!

jellynat said...

Your little lady is super cute. I wonder if 1 year old kids understand anything to their first birthday. I've seen pics of babies crying because they didn't understand all the agitation. Poor little things. :D I'm curious to see how Liz will react to the little party and cake. :)

I have bubblegum pink but haven't swatched it yet - It's a great pink, frankly. elf doesn't have a super original color range when it comes to polishes but this one is really worthy. Oh and it's super sexy on short nails! (but everybody should know by know I'm a short nail lover) ;)

What's that polish antiquity you've found at Claire's? ;) Ah ah ah, I'm sure I would have bought it too - actually I love that army green color!

Emma said...

congrats on finding hidden treasure! i don't really care for that color of green...but Liz is sooo sweet! she reminds me of my little cousin, who is near the same age :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

Omg Hidden Treasure, Sun Worshipper AND Shrek? :D Im so jealous

And ^_________^ Liz is adorable.

SeeingSunshine said...

I have been hunting for hidden treasure! I think all the stores around here are scheming and not putting out any new collections! Boo!

And goodness, your Liz is gorgeous.

xnosugaraddedx said...

omg! u have the shrek forever after collection!! how is it!? ive been dying to get my hands on them. :D awh.. and baby liz is adorable!!

technopathetic said...

Caitlin- thank you :]

jellynat- Thanks :] I think Liz might cry too since she a big fat baby but she loves attention so maybe she'll be super happy lol. The green polish I found at Claire's is I think a dupe of zoya- envy, I'll have to compare the two :D

Emma- thanks! :]

SilhouetteScreams- :D thanks

SeeingSunshine- they suck! I think people around my area aren't into nail polish like all of us, so it's easy to find stuff when they put out the new stuff, and thanks :D

xnosugaraddedx- thanks :D
I'll swatch the mini shrek colors soon

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