Friday, January 29, 2010

50 Followers,YAY!!! For Audrey nails plus giveaway update

Hello! I'm feeling super awesome! My cold is gone, I have over fifty followers and I placed a Trans-Design order last night. Oh now that I don't feel like poo, I can swatch the polishes from my last haul. :] :) :]

China Glaze- For Audrey (with flash)
2 coats with Seche Vite top coat
Aren't my Converse awesome?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Haul

I went shopping this weekend. I'm still sick but seeing my nail polish collection grow cheers me up. Three other things that cheered me up: 1. Lately, Liz always wants me to carry her around because she loves her mommy so very much (even though she never lets me sleep). 2. My Bunny let me paint his toe nails lol. 3. My mommy might take me to Ulta on Wednesday.

Maybelline: Timely Turquoise
Revlon: Plum Night
L'Oreal: Stroke of Midnight
Pure Ice- Cheatin'
Pure Ice- French Kiss
Pure Ice- Oh Baby!
Pure Ice- Love

OPI Nail Strengthener
OPI Ridge Filler
OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow
OPI Yogo-ta Get this Blue
OPI- Sapphire in the Snow (from eBay)

When I get the chance I will swatch these. Right now I'm going to play Saints Row 2 :]

I like...

I was looking at Maria's page and I saw this so I decided to do it too :D

  • Flower: Sunflowers and red roses
  • Food: Bourbon chicken and any food my mommy makes for me
  • Books: Mystery or romance
  • Clothes: Skinny Jeans or baggy pants
  • Shoes: Converse or my favorite black boots
  • Baked goods/pastry: conchas- a hispanic bread OMG yummmm and cheesecake
  • Vegetable: Cucumbers with salt and lime, and carrots
  • Fruit: Pears, strawberries, and peaches
  • Movie: Jurassic Park :D
  • Tea or coffee: Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha
  • Magazine: Seventeen and Allure
  • Beach-, skiing or big city vacation: big city vacation- I would like to go to London, Tokyo and Germany someday
  • Beer or wine: none yucky
  • Sport: to watch- football (because my husband lol)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two Frankens

Hola everyone! Right now I feel like poo because I have a cold. My Bunny made me a franken a while ago which he named "Purple Nurple". I wanted to show him that I liked that color that he made for me by painting them last night. "Purple Nurple" needed two coats, I think three would have made it darker but I was sleepy :(

^ Under my dresser lamp (no flash)

^ Under my dresser lamp (with flash)

I want to get CG Peachy Keen and Essie Tart Deco but I will have to wait until I sell some stuff on eBay. So I made my own franken named "Peachy Tart" lol I'm lame. I didn't swatch it because I feel lazy and tired, but it did put it on my nail display :]

^ Under my dresser lamp (with flash)

^ Under my dresser lamp (no flash)

Colors used to create baby "Peachy Tart":
Sally Hansen- White On (the mom)
Empty bottle of Sally Hansen- Lighting (the womb)
and NYC- Times Square Tangerine Creme (the dad) lol
I just poured until I liked how the color looked in the bottle, I might make it lighter but I don't know. Do you guys think it would look better lighter or should I leave it alone?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some past NOTDs

Hello readers. Sorry for not posting nail pics these past days, my computer wanted to be a poop and not let me import pictures... til today. I need to find a job and buy a new computer.

Sally Hansen Blazing Blue- Dark blue creme with shimmer. It looks almost black in artificial lights but in the sun you can tell it's dark blue and it has blue shimmer. Really pretty.

^ Under my dresser lamp (no flash)

^ A put a cute white swirl sticker on both pinkies. Also under my dresser lamp (no flash)

OPI Japanese Rose Garden- Pink creme with slight shimmer. I don't really like pinks on me that much, but this one is super cute.

^ Under my dresser lamp (no flash)

^ Under an aquarium light above the kitchen sink (no flash)

^ A put a cute blue butterfly sticker on both thumbs (with flash)

Flower Konadicure- This is what's on my nails right now. :]
Base: OPI Catherine the Grape
Stamping: China Glaze Hi-Tek

^ Under my dresser lamp (no flash)

^ Under my dresser lamp (with flash)

I made a peachy franken a few days ago, hopefully I can upload pictures tomorrow so I can show you guys my creation :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tagged! Happy 101 meme

Arie from Catch The Beauty With Arie has tagged me for the Happy 101, thanks Arie. :]

How it works: list 10 things that make you happy and tag 10 blogs, and make sure you let them know.

Here we go:

1.-My family
2.-My computer even though it's super slow
3.-My iPod, yay green 2nd gen. nano
4.-My room
5.-My nail polish collection
6.-My camera, my shiny red samsung camera
7.- Ice cream, cookies'n cream yummy
8.- Pandas, aww cute
9.- Going shopping
10.- Bourbon Chicken *drools*

I tag:
everyone who reads this :]
If you want to do it :P

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Orly Kiss the Bride & OPI Pamplona Purple

Ok, so my husband never did his "cool green and black" design on my nails so I painted them light pink that day. They smudged so I took it off for a few hours and my middle finger on my right hand chipped, lame. Yesterday my mom bought me OPI Pamplona Purple! I wanted that color since the OPI EspaƱa Collection came out and now it's all mine, yay! Today my mom got me some cute polishes and lip gloss from A.J Wright, the nail polishes were $3.99 for eight cute mini bottles and the lip gloss was $1.99. I love shopping with my mom, my husband always wants to go home the minute we get to any store.

Orly Kiss the Bride- this is a very soft light pink and it only took 2 coats to get it opaque, the lame thing? It takes FOREVER to dry.

OPI Pamplona Purple- A purple cream, this color is awesome! It looks really different indoors though, I love how it looks in the sun. ^

OPI Pamplona Purple indoors with flash^
I added a sticker later because I was bored
The guest hand is my baby, Liz lol :]

Cute lip gloss and nail polish from A.J Wright.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gir Polish Swatch and Grape Going!

Hello peeps. Today I'm going to show you the Gir nail polish I got at Hot Topic :D It's a neon, it's not completely yellow because it has a hint of green.

^ The bottle next to a highlighter with camera flash

^ Next to my living room window (no flash)

^ Under an aquarium light above the kitchen sink (no flash)
This is the most color accurate.

^ On a nail display next to my living room window. (no flash)

Sally Hansen- Grape Going!
At Wal-Greens I saw this on display so I had my husband get it for me since RBL is way too expensive :( I think RBL Scrangie is a little more purple than this, but it's close so it's awesome :]

^ Next to my living room window (no flash)

^ My living room (with flash)

Ok, right now my nails are nudie but my husband said he wants to do some designs on my nails when he gets back from work lol, so I'll post some pictures up later or tomorrow.

Shopping and my short nails

Ok, so I went to the mall on Tuesday with my husband, brother and brother in law and I saw the coolest thing at Hot Topic... neon green Gir nail polish! The bottle is so cute, lookie. Oh I also got some awesome gray skinny jeans, yes I'm cool :D

Awesome skulls on my new jeans ^

My husband and I also got our annoying baby Liz some onesies and a sweater from Carter's :D
We also got her this really cute turtle so she can try to eat it all the time, it's so cute I might keep it instead of letting her play with it lol just kidding

Pink bow=Cute

Now for my nail post:

Zoya: Harley- a light gray, this color is super cool it goes on smooth and it has slight shimmer which makes it cooler. Harley was my mani on Monday.

Sinful Colors: Dream On- a neon fushia. It dries really quick and has a matte finish. Sorry for the chips, I didn't put top coat on, tee hee. Dream On was my mani on Tuesday.

Today I filed my nails down because they were peeling and it made me angry. So now my nails are really ugly but that doesn't mean they can't be painted lol. The only fingernails that love me are both of my pinkys, the rest always break or peel.
The color I'm wearing is Rimmel's Steel Gray as seen on GETCHA NAILS DID blog. That's the main reason I got this color, it looked awesome on her nails and I wanted another "taupey" color :D Too bad my nails aren't longer and even right now :(

Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite nail colors from 2009: Part 1

Here are some of my favorite polish colors that were released in 2009. I don't have that many colors from last year, but I'll show you the ones I do have that I really like :]
Sorry for the crappy lighting, but I wake up when the sun is almost gone, thanks to my baby who stays up til 5am.

Orly- Enchanted Forest [Once Upon a Time collection]
My favorite color is green so of course I love this. Dark green cremes are uber and I only needed 2 coats :]

Essie- Mint Candy Apple [Sweet Time Of The Year collection]
It makes my hands look kinda pink but this color is super cool :D
This colors usually needs 3 coats to even out but I used 2 thick coats.

Zoya- Verushka [Matte Velvet collection]
I don't really like this color matte, I usually put a top coat on all my mattes but it looks nice.
2 coats, and it dries really quick, so that's awesome.

OPI- Done out in Deco [South Beach collection]
My second favorite color is purple, and OMG lilac is such a pretty color tee hee!
Again 2 coats :]

Hopefully I'll post up part 2 tomorrow. Thanks for looking :]

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fake nails are mean to me :(

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing dandy :P
I'm not... hear my rant :]
Yesterday was kind of a sucky day, my daughter got her 6 month shots :( and my nails were evil. I bought some fake Nailene nails from wal-mart on Saturday and I put five of them on Monday. I was opening my tub of chocolate ice cream and my freakin' middle finger nail popped right off! I was like WTF!, they were suppose to help my nails grow, but no instead they damaged me :( When I was nine years old, I put on fake nails for the very first time and then I couldn't get them off so I cried lol. I told myself I wasn't going to use fake nails again but my smart butt wanted to try them again nine years later, and the same thing happened. After my middle nail popped off, I wanted to get rid of the remaining four nails, so I soaked my nails and nail polish remover for about forever and they wouldn't come off, I read the back of the nail box and it said "soak in acetone to remove nails" (I was using non-acetone remover lol) I had to ask my husband to take me to wal-mart to get pure acetone and as soon as I got home I soaked the fake nails while I was watching Final Destination with my husband, and finally they were off :] :] :]
I don't know why fake nails hate me, but whatever! They look cool on other people but I'm not going to wear them again, seriously this time tee hee. Sorry for the super long post but I had to complain :P
What do you think about fake nails? Love,like,or hate them?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!

Hey everyone, today I'm going to show you my New Years mani. I didn't take a picture of the nail polish bottles I used, but I wrote the names under the picture. Hopefully there's some sun tomorrow so I can swatch some of my favorite nail polishes from 2009. Also I plan to have a giveaway when I reach 80 followers :]

Shiny :]
Colors used:
Base-OPI Ridge Filler
2 coats of Nicole by OPI- Positive Energy
3 coats of Orly-Tiara
2 coats of L'Oreal Top coat
8 coats total for each nail, times 10 nails
OMG over 80 coats all together lol

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