Sunday, April 25, 2010

OPI- Over the Taupe

Hi! Today I went to apply for a job, hopefully I get it so my mom and Bunny can stop buying everything for me, I feel like a bum. :(
But at least my nails are cool :D
I wore eyeshadow today but I rubbed my eye a little and it all came off! I used the ELF eyeshadow primer and it sucks, but I'm too poor to buy the Urban Decay primer. Next time I do my eyeshadow I'll take a picture right after I apply my makeup so I can post it up :]
Oh and yesterday my mom, Bunny, Liz, my brother and I went to the pool. Liz was so cute, at first she was like "wtf, where am I?" but then she started to splash and kick in the water. :]
I can't wait til we all go again.

^ Outside in direct sunlight

^ Outside in direct the shade

^ Under Bunny's desk lamp


Brooke said...

Hope the interview went well!! I LOVE this color - perfect interview shade!

Hannah Banana said...

I hope you get the job! With eyeshadow, I personally don't use the Urban Decay Primer. I get a long lasting result by a) applying my foundation (liquid), then concealer over the eyelid. Then I set the eyelid with a powder (over my entire face and then with a brush over my eyelid). It works well. You set the wet with a dry. And if you use liquid eyeliner, you can set it with black eyeshadow in a similar fashion! xx

SilhouetteScreams said...

I hope you get the job! :) and yay eyeshadow photos!

I always used to rub my eyes and smudge my eyeshadow, back when I wore nothing but black eyeshadow. But now I've trained myself not to, so as to not disturb the pretty colours :D

smALtY said...

Hope your enterview went well!
I tried both Elf "standard" and mineral primer, the latter is better and resists on me the whole day (I wear mineral eyeshadow) ;-)

Jen said...

Can you do a comparison of "Over the Taupe" and "You Don't Know Jacques"? thanks!

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