Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Icing Laura's Fave and New Pet

Hello! Today I will be showing you a polish I got a few months back, I have so many untried polishes that I still have to swatch o_O
Yesterday my mom, Bunny, Liz and I went to the mall. They have a fish store so we went in and they had huge koi, but they were like $600, so my mom bought Liz a beta fish. Bunny and my brother wanted to name the fish "killer" but I thought that was dumb so I asked Liz what should we name him and she yelled "ababa!" lol that cute poop monster.
Icing: Laura's Fave- Light blue with blue and silver shimmer (2 coats)

^ Sunlight

^ Shade outside

^ Ababa

^ My brother bunny's is the white one (Frost) and mine was the black one (Bunnerz)
He died a few months ago :( RIP Bunnerz


Alisa said...

Great polish!

I love the names kids come up with. My three year old daughter got a betta fish and named him Bruce, after the shark in Finding Nemo.

jaljen said...

Pretty polish. Cute pix too.

Cara said...

pretty polish! Sorry 'bout your Bun Bun. I had one and I was so sad when she passed.

technopathetic said...

Alisa- lol that's cute, Finding Nemo was awesome.

jaljen- thanks :]

Cara- thank you :]

Alli said...

Hmmm, my Laura's Fav looks quite different than yours ( )

I like this version!

Velvet said...

Love the color! Cute name for the fish.

SilhouetteScreams said...

LOL Ababa XD that is so cute! But RIP Mr Bunnerz :(

This polish is pretty, it's the perfect sky blue

technopathetic said...

Alli- Yours is greener, it's pretty :]

Velvet- Thanks :]

SilhouetteScreams- thank you. Liz is a cute loser, lol. I miss my Bunnerz :(
I like this polish more than I thought I would :P

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