Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Liz's 1st Party

Hello everyone, sorry for not posting sooner. There's still a lot going on right now... Liz's b-day party was on Saturday, so picture time!

^ Liz is fat :D

^ Her tiara is not on right :P

^ Lizzy-poo's cake

^ My dress (with flash)

^ Under my dresser lamp (no flash)

^ Under my dresser lamp (no flash)

Colors used:
Base: OPI- Hot & Spicy
Sally Hansen- White On! for stamping
Sally Hansen- Plum Luck for stamping
Konad IP- M76


jellynat said...

What a cake!! I love it! That blue wave doesn't look cosmestible. :D

How did Liz react to the party? Surprised? Scared? Puzzled? She's so cute with her messy hair.

(by the way I love "Hot & Spicy" - I didn't know this polish at all!)

ipehishere said...

Liz is fat and soooooo cutee :D

Rebecca said...

Aww, happy birthday Lizzy-poo! (My sister is called Elizabeth and we call her that too!)

susies1955 said...

She's not fat. She is gorgeous.
Beautiful mani. :)

technopathetic said...

jellynat- lol thank you, the cake looks pretty but I didn't really like the taste of it. :P
Liz was happy (she loves attention) so when everybody wanted to hold her she was like yay, lol, except when men hold her she doesn't like men to hold her, only her dad and my brother.
Hot & Spicy is pretty, I thought it would be a little lighter like in the Hong Kong display o_O

ipehishere- lol thanks :D

Rebecca- thanks :] Lizzy-poo is a cute nickname :D

susies1955- she eats like a fat baby lol, thanks :]

Jackie S. said...

She is adorable!

Jillian said...

Your daughter is precious!! and I like your manicure!! ^.^

Please follow me!

SilhouetteScreams said...

"Liz is fat :D" HAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god <3 she's so adorably pudgy

The cake is cute, she's cute, and your mani is cute! Happy Birthday to Liz :3

technopathetic said...

Jackie S.- thank you :]

Jillian- thanks :D

SilhouetteScreams- :P thanks lol :D

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