Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello! I hope is having a great day. Some people don't like Valentine's day but to me it's a day a can go out to eat with my husband and eat chocolate all day :]

Bunny got me some cute stuff.

Yay chocolate! A cute picture frame and a cute bear that is bigger than Liz lol

Bunny wanted to get me more things, so he took me to the store and let me pick out some polishes :D

I still have on my Sweethearts mani :]
Bunny got me these socks last year on Valentine's Day


London's-beauty said...

yumss ferrero roch.. can't spell ! XP

that bear is cute. aww. your husband is so sweet. xx

jellynat said...

Happy Valentine, Laura! (I totally dig the socks, no joke, I also dig the pink wet and wild polish)

SeeingSunshine said...

Aww what a cute bear! I agree with you about valentines day, it's a perfect excuse to go on a date and indulge a sweet tooth!

SilhouetteScreams said...

The socks and bear are sooo cute :D and Ferrero Rochers are just heaven.

I'm interested in seeing more of that Sinful Colours polish

technopathetic said...

London's-beauty- lol I love those chocolates too and my bear and my husband :D

jellynat- Thank you! I don't like to wear one colored socks, they have to be colorful. My mom thinks that's annoying lol. So I like to collect nail polishes and socks lol :P

SeeingSunshine- Totally! I named my bear: Mr.Bear lol :D

SilhouetteScreams- Thank you, I ate the whole box already lol. I swatched all the colors :]

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