Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Mani #2 & #3

Hello readers. Sorry for not posting sooner, baby Liz is teething so I can't really do much because she starts crying if I don't hold her, yes she's becoming a spoiled brat o_O
Please excuse my cuticles, the cold makes them uglier than they already are :(

This is the mani I did on Wednesday. It kind of looks like I have mannequin hands but the color is really a darker pink in person. I got the panda nail decals from this eBay seller -> Click

^ Next to bedroom window (no flash)

^ Away from bedroom window (with flash)

I used:

OPI Hawaiian Orchid (I used three coats)
cute panda nail decals
and one coat of Seche Vite

This is my current mani, I plan to change it later today. I absolutely love this light purple, I can honesty say it's my favorite nail polish color :] The hearts are kind of annoying to get out from the bottle but they are really cute and it doesn't really show in the picture but it has multi color glitter too :D

^ Under dresser lamp (no flash)

^ Next to living room window (no flash)

OPI- Done out in Deco (I used two coats)
Nicole by OPI- Love your Life
One coat of Seche Vite

My mommy bought this home from her job (which was my old job)
I remember last year I ate these while I was working :D
I threw away the mint before I ate it, but the top of the pie thing still had a minty taste, yuck lol
It looks pretty though :D


SilhouetteScreams said...

The panda decal is ADORABLE :3

Heather / Eyeconic said...

omg. The panda is too freaking adorable.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute mani, the panda stickers are adorable! OPI Done Out in Deco is definatly on my wishlist, such a gorgeous colour! That looks so yummy!

Arie said...

I like the panda too!!, I like those little hearts from Nicole nail polish!!.
Kisses to Baby Liz :)

gildedangel said...

Those manis are so cute, especially the first one!

Julissa said...

Aw, cute pandas. Hehe. I can never get them on my nails correctly, haha.

And that pie looks good! But..yeah, definitely without that mint, haha.

technopathetic said...

Yay! Everyone here likes pandas, you guys are awesomely cool :D

I'm glad everyone like my manicures :]

Kelly- Done Out in Deco is really pretty, I think it's one of those colors that look nice on any skin tone :]

Arie- I like the hearts too, plus glitter? Awesomeness! :D
Baby Liz says thank you :]

Juliisa- The waterside decals are really easy to apply, just make sure you tap off all the water because because you'll have bubbles when you apply a top coat o_O
The pie was yummy but mint and strawberries don't go together IMO lol

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