Monday, February 1, 2010

Ugly nails = Ugly swatches

Hi readers... I'm annoyed and sad right now, my nails hurt because I cut them really short. This morning they were peeling while I was swatching, so I decided to cut them. Bad idea. Here are some really crappy swatches of some of the colors from my last haul. Sorry for the crappy pictures, my nails are messed up and I think my swatches look better in artificial light?

Pure Ice: Love- is a light pink with slight shimmer, this was 2 coats, I think 3 would've looked better
Pure Ice: Taupe Drawer- this doesn't even look taupe, it looks more like a peachy tan
I had an older bottle of Taupe Drawer that I can't find and I remember it was waayyy darker than this bottle. WTF?

Maybelline: Timely Turquoise- the color is nice but the application sucked, my other Maybelline polishes aren't all watery like this one.

Now some pictures of my fugly nails...

:( :( :( :( *cries*

Yesterday I helped my mom make chicken taquitos and they were delicious :]

Outside of my house, brrr. Cold :P


Anonymous said...

WOW got enough snow? I hate the snow!

Love Taupe Drawer, very pretty pink shade

nihrida said...

Don't worry, your nails will grow back. :*
I love Love nail polish, it's super cute.

technopathetic said...

Kelly- lol yup, this snow is nothing compared to last month, over a foot of snow! Taupe Drawer is nice but I think they might of labeled it wrong lol

nihrida- thank you, I hope they don't peel again, I'm starting to take my vitamins again so that might help :P I like Love too, and I'm not really a huge fan of pinks. :]

gildedangel said...

Your nails look great short, but I hope that they feel better soon!

Evil Angel said...

I think your nails look great short! Love the colors and remember they will grow back!

Cara said...

It looks like you got an off bottle of Taupe Drawer. It's usually much more plum colored and dark. I was at Walmart a couple days ago looking at the Pure Ice and they had 2 different colors on the rack that both said Taupe Drawer.

Hannah Banana said...

Sorry about your nails! I know I get in the mood to chop them all off too when they start peeling... or curling. A craze falls upon me! ha! Btw, maybe you'd quite enjoy taking a pic of your nails bare every time you do a mani and then compiling a comparison montage? I'm doing this for my Nail Tek Foundation Review to monitor both the growth and condition and I'm finding that they actually grow way faster then you realise and it's quite neat looking at the difference between a few days... You'll feel better tomorow!

technopathetic said...

Thank you everyone! I personally like my nails to be longer because I think short nails make my hands look manly lol

Cara- I knew I wasn't crazy, Pure Ice needs to get their labels and colors right :P

Hannah Banana- lol. Maybe we need to hide our nail clippers. I'm going to take a picture of my bare nails every day to see how they are doing now that I'm about to start my Nail Tek treatment :]

Arie said...

Ya me hiciste chillar , ay como extrano los taquitos :(, yo creo que manana me hago unas tortillitas ^_^

technopathetic said...

lol si no fuera por mi mama yo comeria pura comida de afuera. Yo no se hacer tortillas, que mexicana soy! :P

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