Friday, February 26, 2010

Super Mario Star Manicure

Hello everyone! I went to see Avatar on Wednesday with my Bunny since it was his day off then we went out to eat and then we went to Five Below. Last night I didn't know what color to paint my nails until I went through my purse and I found some cute candy that my Bunny got for me at Blockbuster a few weeks ago :D

^ Star candies on my desk :]

^ Under my dresser lamp (no flash)

^ On my desk (with flash)

Colors used:
Base: Sally Hansen- Lightening (2 coats)
Revlon: Black Lingerie for stamping and eyes
OPI: Alpine Snow for eyes
Poshe top coat
Konad IP: m3

^ My hand look shiny because I recently started using A LOT of lotion and A LOT of cuticle cream right after I paint my nails. Stupid cold weather. :(

^ My Bunny got me these :D


Anonymous said...

Cute mani! Love the yellow you used

Caitlin said...

very cute, I love mario! xo

zuzu said...

super cute!

Tierney said...

LOVE this!

LacquerObsession said...

very cute!!

(i never get the designs from m3 to transfer to the stamp correctly :( any tips? thnx!)

technopathetic said...

Kelly- Thank you :] my mom said it looks like I have mustard on my nails lol :P

Caitlin- Thanks! Mario rocks :D

zuzu- Thank you :]

Tierney- Me too, thanks! :D

LacquerObsession- Thank you :]
I had a hard time too, the littler stars are harder to transfer than the big one. That's why I only used the big star but if you use a lot of polish it's easier (at least for me) and also scrape lightly but not too lightly because you will have too much and the design will look weird. I hope that helped.

Suzanna said...

Hey doll! I was poking around your blog and boy do you have some amazing polish talent! I love this particular color in this post! Just showing some love. Im a new follower and a new blogger, come visit/follow me at

xoxo suzanna

gildedangel said...

That is so cute!!!

SilhouetteScreams said...


DistantDreamer said...

I absolutely love this manicure! I love Mario! I'm a gamer so this made my day! :)

SeeingSunshine said...

I love love love love Mario :] It's pretty much the only game I enjoy playing. And the mani is SO cute.

LacquerObsession said...

@technopathetic thanks. i'll keep those tips in mind next time i use the plate :)

technopathetic said...

Suzanna- Thank you! :D

gildedangel- Thanks :]

SilhouetteScreams- Thanks :D

DistantDreamer- Woooo gamer power!! lol Thank you.

SeeingSunshine- YAY! Mario is awesome and thank you :]

LacquerObsession- you're welcome :]

Arie said...

Hola Laura ^_^, que chulo te quedo!.
Yo tamb ya quiero que se termine este inche winter lol. ;)

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