Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TransDesign Haul

Yesterday my TD order came and I took pictures but I didn't get a chance to upload them until now. Last night I applied Nail Tek foundation II and I decided to leave it on until my nail polish chips, I'm currently wearing CG-Grape Pop over it :]

Picture time!

China Glaze: Grape Pop- IRL it looks more purple and less blue. This color rocks. The application was awesome! Two coats plus Seche Vite

Next to my window (without flash)

Next to my window (with flash)


Arie said...

O M G !! wonderful super haul chica!! love the grape pop so far!! ;), man I have to try sechevite one of this days ^_^, I have an old bottle of Sally shine diamond super top coat , that still works for me :)

technopathetic said...

Arie- Thanks! You should totally try Seche Vite, the only thing bad about it is the smell, IMO it's really strong but it dries my nails super fast! Grape Pop is so cool, before it came out I wanted RBL Mismas but it's super expensive. China Glaze is awesome :]

Anonymous said...

Great haul! I really need to order some polishes from this site soon! Grape Pop is such a gorgeous purple, defiantly going on my wishlist!

technopathetic said...

Kelly- Thank you. Trans Design is awesome, their packaging is great and they ship your stuff quickly. Grape Pop is the perfect purple creme IMO :]

the-swatchaholic said...

Fabulous haul! :)
I am thinking about getting the Alice in Wonderland mini set too. Love the packaging! :)

gildedangel said...

Great haul!

technopathetic said...

the-swatchaholic- That's the main reason I got the Alice mini pack, the packaging is so cute. I wasn't too crazy about the colors because I'm not a big red fan and glitter polishes annoy me but they are cool lol

gildedangel- thank you :]

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