Monday, February 1, 2010

Help please?

I'm going to start a nail treatment and I need opinions please?? I use OPI Ridge Filler most of the time when I paint my nails but recently they started peeling badly. Then I started to use Nicole Nail Strengthener as a base but it just whitened my nails a bit and it didn't really make them stronger. I was thinking of using OPI Nail Envy or Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps, but if you use a different treatment or base that you would like to recommend, please let me know :]


nihrida said...

This is my experience/opinion and it might not work for you, but still: I bough OPI Nail Envy (green version) and I didn't really like it that much. The one thing that changed my nails is Nailtek Foundation II. Basically it's a ridge filling base coat, but it made HUGE difference with my nails - they are way stronger and don't peel (and they used to peel like crazy).
This is a pure winner for me: it's base coat, ridge filler and nail strengthener in 1. Gotta have it! =)
The only minus I can find is that I think it's making my nails yellow. But then again - some other girls say it's keeping their nails from getting yellow. =) I highly recommend this.

Kaide said...

My nails peel & were not the strongest. I started using "Nail Tek II: Intensive Therapy for soft peeling nails" about 2 weeks ago & as soon as I put it on I felt the difference.

I have to say I am SO SO happy that I found this! Ulta was having a 20% off sale so I bought a second bottle even though I only got the first bottle the week previous!

My nails have not turned yellow but there does seem to be a slight coating on my nails after I take my polish off. I believe this is most likely what "strengthens" the nails but it is not something to be concerned with in my opinion!

Hope this helps!!

Kaide said...

Forgot to mention that I have used OPI Nail Envy in the past & it didn't do a thing for my nails. =0)

Hannah Banana said...

I totally 2nd Nihrida about the Nail Tek Foundation. I went thru this very dilema just over 3 weeks ago, and decided to try Nail Tek Foundation II. I dont' mean to promote my own blog, but if you want to see how I'm getting on with it as a base coat, this is my week 3 review:

technopathetic said...

Thank you everyone for your comments and helping me! Good thing I didn't buy the OPI Nail Envy... $18.00? No thank you, lol. Today my Trans-Design order came and I remembered I bought the Nail Tek Foundation II because it was $2.49 and I like to buy nail stuff that are on sale even if I might not use them, but I will definitely use the Nail Tek Foundation II!!

Arie said...

I use Nail Magic from Sally's beauty supply, it works pretty good for me !
If you can give it a try ;)

technopathetic said...

If the Nail tek doesn't work out for me, I'm going to look for Nail Magic when I go to Sally's. Hopefully it does work, I'm very impatient lol

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