Monday, January 25, 2010

I like...

I was looking at Maria's page and I saw this so I decided to do it too :D

  • Flower: Sunflowers and red roses
  • Food: Bourbon chicken and any food my mommy makes for me
  • Books: Mystery or romance
  • Clothes: Skinny Jeans or baggy pants
  • Shoes: Converse or my favorite black boots
  • Baked goods/pastry: conchas- a hispanic bread OMG yummmm and cheesecake
  • Vegetable: Cucumbers with salt and lime, and carrots
  • Fruit: Pears, strawberries, and peaches
  • Movie: Jurassic Park :D
  • Tea or coffee: Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha
  • Magazine: Seventeen and Allure
  • Beach-, skiing or big city vacation: big city vacation- I would like to go to London, Tokyo and Germany someday
  • Beer or wine: none yucky
  • Sport: to watch- football (because my husband lol)


rijaH said...

Would looove to try something from Starbucks.. we only have one in the airport here in Denmark and I dont go there very often :P Jurassic Park is a sweet movie! ;D

technopathetic said...

Yay Jurassic Park fan! :D
There are 3 close Starbucks around my area, but I rarely go because I'm broke and my husband doesn't like coffee lol

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