Saturday, January 16, 2010

Orly Kiss the Bride & OPI Pamplona Purple

Ok, so my husband never did his "cool green and black" design on my nails so I painted them light pink that day. They smudged so I took it off for a few hours and my middle finger on my right hand chipped, lame. Yesterday my mom bought me OPI Pamplona Purple! I wanted that color since the OPI España Collection came out and now it's all mine, yay! Today my mom got me some cute polishes and lip gloss from A.J Wright, the nail polishes were $3.99 for eight cute mini bottles and the lip gloss was $1.99. I love shopping with my mom, my husband always wants to go home the minute we get to any store.

Orly Kiss the Bride- this is a very soft light pink and it only took 2 coats to get it opaque, the lame thing? It takes FOREVER to dry.

OPI Pamplona Purple- A purple cream, this color is awesome! It looks really different indoors though, I love how it looks in the sun. ^

OPI Pamplona Purple indoors with flash^
I added a sticker later because I was bored
The guest hand is my baby, Liz lol :]

Cute lip gloss and nail polish from A.J Wright.


Mighty Lambchop said...

I'm surprised the Orly took so long to dry. Their polish usually dries ridiculously fast. Bummer.
However, both colors look fantastic on you!

technopathetic said...

Mighty Lambchop- Thank you :]
I don't know why it was slow to dry either, all my other Orlys dry quick except for this one and Prince Charming o_O

nihrida said...

Love the Pamplona OPI! And those cute little hands are a perfect addition. =)

technopathetic said...

nihrida- :] Thank you, I love that color too. My baby likes to touch my nails when they're painted lol

Michèle said...

Love both colors!

Arie said...

Pamplona is gorgeous!your little girl is learning how to pose her cute nails :).
You have the best Mom ^_^

technopathetic said...

Michèle- Me too :]

Arie- Thanks! When she's old enough, I'm going to turn her into a nail polish addict too :] Yes my mom is awesome, most of the time lol

xLovelyMakeupx said...

girl im loving the colors and your blog, drop by sometime and say hola!

kelsealaurel said...

1.) Cute blog!

2.) Love Pamplona Purple.

3.) Every time I go to hot topic I debate buying the Gir NP! I LOVE GIR!

4.) Thank you for following my blogs =) Means a lot to me! You're my first follower on my new one! Woo hoo! That makes you extra special =)

5.) Have a lovely day!


technopathetic said...

xLovelyMakeupx- Thank you, I will :]

kelsealaurel- Yay, I'm cool :P
Thanks and your welcome, both of your blogs are awesome. Oh and I totally recommend the Gir polish it's cool and it applies well, and Gir is cute! :]

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