Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gir Polish Swatch and Grape Going!

Hello peeps. Today I'm going to show you the Gir nail polish I got at Hot Topic :D It's a neon, it's not completely yellow because it has a hint of green.

^ The bottle next to a highlighter with camera flash

^ Next to my living room window (no flash)

^ Under an aquarium light above the kitchen sink (no flash)
This is the most color accurate.

^ On a nail display next to my living room window. (no flash)

Sally Hansen- Grape Going!
At Wal-Greens I saw this on display so I had my husband get it for me since RBL is way too expensive :( I think RBL Scrangie is a little more purple than this, but it's close so it's awesome :]

^ Next to my living room window (no flash)

^ My living room (with flash)

Ok, right now my nails are nudie but my husband said he wants to do some designs on my nails when he gets back from work lol, so I'll post some pictures up later or tomorrow.


Michèle said...

Wow very nice!

I'm so jealous of your SH Grape Going.. Wish we had them over here.

nihrida said...

Now that's one poisonous nail polish! =)

technopathetic said...

Michèle- If you would like we can swap for any brand that you have that US doesn't have I want worldwide nail polish lol :]

nihrida- Thank you! I love your blog, I check it out daily :]

Nina said...

Love it! I'm so bummed I can't find SH grape going here in The Netherlands. A swap would be great but I don't know what polish you have in mind?

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