Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shopping and my short nails

Ok, so I went to the mall on Tuesday with my husband, brother and brother in law and I saw the coolest thing at Hot Topic... neon green Gir nail polish! The bottle is so cute, lookie. Oh I also got some awesome gray skinny jeans, yes I'm cool :D

Awesome skulls on my new jeans ^

My husband and I also got our annoying baby Liz some onesies and a sweater from Carter's :D
We also got her this really cute turtle so she can try to eat it all the time, it's so cute I might keep it instead of letting her play with it lol just kidding

Pink bow=Cute

Now for my nail post:

Zoya: Harley- a light gray, this color is super cool it goes on smooth and it has slight shimmer which makes it cooler. Harley was my mani on Monday.

Sinful Colors: Dream On- a neon fushia. It dries really quick and has a matte finish. Sorry for the chips, I didn't put top coat on, tee hee. Dream On was my mani on Tuesday.

Today I filed my nails down because they were peeling and it made me angry. So now my nails are really ugly but that doesn't mean they can't be painted lol. The only fingernails that love me are both of my pinkys, the rest always break or peel.
The color I'm wearing is Rimmel's Steel Gray as seen on GETCHA NAILS DID blog. That's the main reason I got this color, it looked awesome on her nails and I wanted another "taupey" color :D Too bad my nails aren't longer and even right now :(


nihrida said...

Oh, yeah! You ARE cool. Those are some great jeans and what a cute polish! Wanna see it on your nails, please. =)

technopathetic said...

Thank You :]
I will post up the Gir nail polish swatches today :]

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