Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite nail colors from 2009: Part 1

Here are some of my favorite polish colors that were released in 2009. I don't have that many colors from last year, but I'll show you the ones I do have that I really like :]
Sorry for the crappy lighting, but I wake up when the sun is almost gone, thanks to my baby who stays up til 5am.

Orly- Enchanted Forest [Once Upon a Time collection]
My favorite color is green so of course I love this. Dark green cremes are uber and I only needed 2 coats :]

Essie- Mint Candy Apple [Sweet Time Of The Year collection]
It makes my hands look kinda pink but this color is super cool :D
This colors usually needs 3 coats to even out but I used 2 thick coats.

Zoya- Verushka [Matte Velvet collection]
I don't really like this color matte, I usually put a top coat on all my mattes but it looks nice.
2 coats, and it dries really quick, so that's awesome.

OPI- Done out in Deco [South Beach collection]
My second favorite color is purple, and OMG lilac is such a pretty color tee hee!
Again 2 coats :]

Hopefully I'll post up part 2 tomorrow. Thanks for looking :]


Arie said...

Enchanted forest so pretty! I never thought it would be one of my faves ^_^.
Nice blog!

technopathetic said...

Yeah, I thought that it would be one of those colors that look close to black but it's not. :]
& thank you!

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