Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two Frankens

Hola everyone! Right now I feel like poo because I have a cold. My Bunny made me a franken a while ago which he named "Purple Nurple". I wanted to show him that I liked that color that he made for me by painting them last night. "Purple Nurple" needed two coats, I think three would have made it darker but I was sleepy :(

^ Under my dresser lamp (no flash)

^ Under my dresser lamp (with flash)

I want to get CG Peachy Keen and Essie Tart Deco but I will have to wait until I sell some stuff on eBay. So I made my own franken named "Peachy Tart" lol I'm lame. I didn't swatch it because I feel lazy and tired, but it did put it on my nail display :]

^ Under my dresser lamp (with flash)

^ Under my dresser lamp (no flash)

Colors used to create baby "Peachy Tart":
Sally Hansen- White On (the mom)
Empty bottle of Sally Hansen- Lighting (the womb)
and NYC- Times Square Tangerine Creme (the dad) lol
I just poured until I liked how the color looked in the bottle, I might make it lighter but I don't know. Do you guys think it would look better lighter or should I leave it alone?


gildedangel said...

Those are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Nice frankens. I too scared to try and make my own!

I really like 'Peachy Tart'. I think it looks fine as it is, it's a beautiful colour.

technopathetic said...

gildedangel- Thank you :D

Kelly- You should try it's really fun :] and thank you I'm glad you like my creation.

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