Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fake nails are mean to me :(

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing dandy :P
I'm not... hear my rant :]
Yesterday was kind of a sucky day, my daughter got her 6 month shots :( and my nails were evil. I bought some fake Nailene nails from wal-mart on Saturday and I put five of them on Monday. I was opening my tub of chocolate ice cream and my freakin' middle finger nail popped right off! I was like WTF!, they were suppose to help my nails grow, but no instead they damaged me :( When I was nine years old, I put on fake nails for the very first time and then I couldn't get them off so I cried lol. I told myself I wasn't going to use fake nails again but my smart butt wanted to try them again nine years later, and the same thing happened. After my middle nail popped off, I wanted to get rid of the remaining four nails, so I soaked my nails and nail polish remover for about forever and they wouldn't come off, I read the back of the nail box and it said "soak in acetone to remove nails" (I was using non-acetone remover lol) I had to ask my husband to take me to wal-mart to get pure acetone and as soon as I got home I soaked the fake nails while I was watching Final Destination with my husband, and finally they were off :] :] :]
I don't know why fake nails hate me, but whatever! They look cool on other people but I'm not going to wear them again, seriously this time tee hee. Sorry for the super long post but I had to complain :P
What do you think about fake nails? Love,like,or hate them?


Arie said...

I wear fake nails sometimes,like you I tried them when mine are too short or for special occasions, but at the end they all damage natural nails :(

technopathetic said...

Fake nails are evil, evil things :(

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