Monday, March 8, 2010

Poshe Top Coat Review

Finally I can post this, earlier today I took pictures of my bare nails. o_O

^ I'm wearing OPI Ridge Filler and Poshe top coat over it

^ I'm wearing OPI Ridge Filler and Poshe top coat over it

My bare nails
I cut them...I don't know why though lol

So far I really like this top coat, my peeling hasn't gotten worse, I think my nails are heeling :]
It dries really quick but honestly it doesn't leave them as glossy and smooth like Seche Vite but it does dry nails quick and that's awesome! Also when I used to use Seche Vite, my polish chipped quicker, I haven't seen how long Poshe lasts but I wore it for two days straight and there were no chips and with Seche Vite sometimes I would have a minor chip after ONE day!
Oh and when I used Poshe over my konad, it doesn't shrink it looks normal. I haven't tried Poshe over stickers and decals yet but I will :D

You can ask me any more questions about Poshe in the comments, because I know I forgot some stuff :P


DistantDreamer said...

thanks for the info! I'm thinking about switching from Seche Vite to Poshe, so this has been helpful!

Arie said...

Thanks for sharing!, I was waiting for this review ;)

SilhouetteScreams said...

Never heard of this brand, but it sounds great :) I have a problem with peeling nails too, but Im too lazy to fix them, haha

technopathetic said...

DistantDreamer- You're welcome :]

Arie- You're welcome, sorry I took so long to post it

SilhouetteScreams- lol. :P

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