Monday, March 8, 2010

Part 1 from B-Day Haul

Here are some of the polishes from my b-day haul. I took pictures in the shade and then in direct sunlight, Please excuse my stained fingers, I swatched some greens and they stained and sorry I didn't clean up :(

Hot Topic- Periwinkle (2 coats)
I think I could have gotten away with one coat but I used two to even it out. I really really like this color I was going to buy the mint colored one but I'm glad I got this one. Bunny said I have too many mint colors but I will go back for it, tee hee. These nails polishes never have names but it said periwinkle on the receipt lol.

Essie- Funky Limelight (2 coats)
This is really similar to my Gir polish, my hands look really dark. I should have done 3-4 coats

Sally Hansen- Fairy Teal (2 coats)
This color is really cool, when I applied the first coat I was like "Nooo, you better look pretty with another coat" and it did :D
A lot of people don't lke the wide brush on the Sally Hansen polishes but I do, it makes it way easier to apply.


Tierney said...

Oooh, I love all these colors! I'm definitely gonna have to go back and pick up Fairy Teal sometime I think.

Suzanna said...

Love love love the blues!!! where can I get some?!??!?!

xxx suzanna

gildedangel said...

Those are lovely!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Love love LOVE Periwinkle :)

Cah_nossovicio said...

My favs are the first and the third one. Both are beautiful blues polishes :)

technopathetic said...

Tierney- lol, it's a pretty color

Suzanna- I got the periwinkle at Hot Topic, the essie one at ulta and fairy teal at target

gildedangel- totes :]

SilhouetteScreams- It is awesome! :D

Cah_nossovicio- the essie one is nice but it's not my favorite, the other two are pretty :]

Arie said...

Love the blue! :)

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